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Reliable resources
Resilient realization

Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus is the CEO and founder of the global research and convening organization CENTER FOR HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT and the president and CEO of the consulting company ENJOY STRATEGY. Over the last twenty years she has held multiple positions as an entrepreneurial executive, tenured full professor in Germany and several professorial appointments at Columbia University, New York. She has authored more than 150 publications and convened global executives and leading thinkers in her forums. As a German-born global citizen she has chosen France as her home and base camp for her worldwide undertakings.

In my work I follow three principles

Making complex markets & stakeholder relationships transparent, understandable and ready for far-reaching positioning, investment and other management decisions. I do not believe in long and intricate statements as the academic reputation demands it – abstraction and to-the-point statements are the real art of communicating, strategy shaping and thoughtful execution.
“Talk to people” – sounds very banal, but it is ever more so important. And less and less people do so as big data can be served right at your desk. But when you get out on the shopfloor, put gowns, goggles and protective equipment on, you find out the real drivers, blockers, outliers, champions and many more emotions of organizations that will decide about a strategy’s success in reality.
I love what I do. And I see myself as a connector between people, content, specialists, happenings – the big picture is my drawing. First: become human, then specialist. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of my great-great-grandaunt Juliane Janus who was a hospital founder in the 19th century. Humbleness for the cause and respect for every human being are the starting point.

Upcoming book release: ENJOY "the" STRATEGY

From “Managing Healthcare in Private Organizations” (Prof. Janus 1st book) to “Managing Professionals in Healthcare Organizations” Dr. Janus has been driven by her intrinsic motivation to help organizations and individuals better manage through a purposeful and targeted strategy that provides “a plan” but leaves ample room for flexible adjustment.

More than ever, you need to respond rapidly, have reliable resources at-hand, and enable a resilient realization to achieve long-term sustainability. But how to? Only if you enjoy something, you are really good at it. And only if you’re really good at something, you enjoy it. Targeted creativity, a focused flow, disciplined routines and personal “countenance” determine mastery and success of “the” – your – STRATEGY. With all the insecurity in the world today, you better create your own strategy. It’s time to focus and ENJOY it!

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Prof. Janus key assets & activities

Global Market Expertise

Expert in global healthcare market strategy as a speaker, connector and consultant. Inside market knowledge and stakeholder needs assessment.

Evaluation and Value Shaping

Engaged in realistic market access, due diligence and M&A activities for organizations and senior executives, including USP/value proposition check.

Reinvention to excel in context

Trend seeker and setter in (corporate) governance and organizational performance through motivational and cultural competency. Re-inventing business models.

The value mix that counts

German rigor, US training, and French cultural socialization. Brings integrity, creativity and purposeful execution to bear in various settings and cultural contexts.


Prof. Janus provided us with a unique mix of customized scientific analysis and hands-on implementation advice for our global strategic endeavors. It has become the sole go-to organization for us and is imperative to our international success.

Eytan AlpernCo-Founder and Managing Partner, Advanced Medical Reviews, Los Angeles, USA

The assistance of Katharina and her team in finding out detailed information about a very particular situation in the market has proven to be of great help to make well-founded decisions. Thanks to the thorough research, an approach based on scientific methods and a clear reporting and motivation, conclusions can be drawn rapidly and decisions are made with confidence.

Steven CuypersPresident and CEO, Orfit Industries, Antwerpen, Belgium

If we listen to understand, not necessarily to respond, collaboration starts.

How are you? I thought I’d ask. I’ve been listening to a lot of people over the last year. Small businessmen and women, VIPs, CEOs and managers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, concerned citizens, happy campers and not-so-happy ones. Everybody has his or her own view on the pandemic and what it means for them and their business. I worked with a range of different people on mostly urgent (organizational or political), but also fundamentally personal topics (individual career and business models) and discovered that status and standing do not correlate with how people perceive their opportunities. I’ve talked to people who lost everything but see the pandemic as a chance. I’ve talked to the lucky winners and heard discontent, despair and hints of depression. And many stories in between…

What’s your state of being? Tell me what you think, how you changed, what you will change and what you will keep. I’d love to hear from you. And I’m happy to help if I can.

We can make a difference – together. 

We can make a difference – together. 

We can make a difference – together. 

We can make a difference – together. 

We can make a difference – together. 

We can make a difference – together. 

It's time to make healthcare our priority. Let's surf out of the crisis together.