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Katharina Janus


About Me

Professor of Healthcare Management in Germany and at Columbia University New York

Author, Speaker and Healthcare Manager in Practice

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Founder & Managing Director of the Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University New York / Europe

What makes managers successful is their dedication to the people involved, their ability to work with and constantly evaluate what they learn and to translate their learnings back into practice.
Katharina Janus

About My Work

I lead a unique network of experts across the globe who pool global best practices to tailor solutions to local markets and organizations.

We consider, convene, and consult. With a smile.


Thinking out of the box is the usual for us. We cherish the unusual and acknowledge complexity in today’s environment by considering facts that are usually ignored in simplify-everything solutions. This is how we approach analytics and assessments: we never believe solely in secondary data. We pick up the phone and talk to the people involved.


We created a new, very interactive format for convening people —we call it a Knowledge Party©, a dinner party with content. In keeping with the spirit of a Knowledge Party, you won’t spot a single PowerPoint on the agenda—they aren’t allowed—instead, there’s a high premium on face-to-face conversations.


Copy-paste is a yesterday – we get a kick out of tailor-made solutions. A dress that has been designed for somebody else never fits a real woman. Therefore, we invest in getting to know your organization, your people, and the market in which you operate. The result is a solution just made for you in a particular market.


And we stay for the implementation… to make you smile. A pragmatic solution never ends with the dress rehearsal. We’ll get on stage with you. We sometimes also stay to help you monitor performance and roll-out change processes. Most importantly, we put an emphasis on a highly interactive working style that entails long-lasting effects.

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.
Walt Disney


I offer services to large multinational organizations, to regionals who would like to learn from others, and to locals in a specific market or domain.

Analytics and Assessment

Exploratory – not confirmatory – analytics are my core competency. If you would like to know more than just how you “measure up” against a competitor I’ll shed light on what is missing in the reasoning and long-term strategy.

What I offer

  • Stakeholder mapping and power play check – developing contextual sensitivity with respect to gender, market access and business development
  • Analytics and evidence check: Review of existing RCTs and health economic studies in order to evaluate potential pathways and gaps
  • Creating value stories backed by compelling evidence that can be tweaked according to country-specific requirements
  • Role change in specific (or own) markets
  • Facts and figures evaluation – deciphering the small data behind the balance sheet
  • Emotions of organizations – understanding people and their resulting behavior

Strategy and Development

Understanding country philosophies provides a foundation for understanding successful elements within the system. One country’s system can’t be imported and imposed on another and “culture eats strategy for lunch every day.” Change has to be aligned with ideology.

What I offer

  • Healthcare systems and organizations – disentangling the value chain
  • International healthcare domain expertise – understanding differences and their opportunities
  • Designing and negotiating product bundles and service packages among players, for example carve-outs for better reimbursement of devices, drugs and procedures
  • Value proposition (USP) design in various countries – adjusting roles and messages
  • Performance management in the age of social media – helping organizations understand the people they live with
  • Senior executives consulting – strategize for inspiration and/or for purpose

Educational entertainment and executive development

Knowledge sticks better when the process of learning is enjoyable. Most teachers want to be taken seriously and sacrifice their pedagogic entertainment talent for that purpose. I take a particular effort to package rigorous content in an entertaining way, so that even a talk on finance is fun.

What I offer

  • Well-prepared and highly interactive sessions – no slides, but a detailed storyboard
  • Leading Knowledge Parties© and mini-forums on strategy and implementation
  • Tailor-made executive education for multinational companies (general management education, market specific and/or tailored to strategic implementation)
  • Following the Latin adage “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind in a sound body)” that physical exercise is an important or essential part of mental and psychological well-being, education can be combined with yoga or gymnastics.

Speaking and Moderation

We speak different languages – professions, nations, genders – but have to find a common ground for communication. Saying complex matters in easy terms to get people on the same page becomes increasingly relevant to foster understanding.

What I offer

  • Creative improvisation in my area of domain expertise
  • German, English and French moderation
  • Representing/wearing different heads of countries or organizations, also the one of the “advocatus diabolo”
  • KISS – keep it short and simple for executives and lay audiences alike
  • Connecting global minds in forums – chaired and organized seven international forums for the Center for Healthcare Management
Always be able to reinvent yourself. Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Karl Lagerfeld and Steve Jobs


Courage does not mean the absence of fear. It just means that other things are more important.
Mark Twain


Working with Katharina feels like you are running a well-prepared marathon – you are challenged by her profound knowledge and energetic style of motivation throughout the course and full of joy and inspiration to tackle the next endeavor once you have crossed the goal line. I am looking forward to the next one.

Dr. Axel Nordberg

Zimmer Biomet, Associate Director Services and Solutions EMEA

Wer ein warum hat, dem ist kein wie zu schwer.
Friedrich Nietzsche


Dr. Janus’ expertise has been covered widely by Bloomberg TV, the German Medical News, the Handelsblatt, the Swiss medical Tribune, the business economist and on several radio stations. Read more about how and why she pursues new directions in healthcare management:

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso


Beyond strategy is creativity

After many years of mostly silent artistic activity I have finally shown my work jointly with the photographer Xavier Roy from April 26 – May 9, 2018 at the Lavoir Vasserot in downtown Saint Tropez, France. The exhibition is over, but private viewings continue. All originals are on display on Instagram (katharina_janus) and on this website below. You can order a limited edition in bronze with individual finishing/coloring. If you are interested in a particular piece of artwork please inquire at I am currently creating desired pieces based on client demand.

Thanks to everybody who came and enjoyed my work!

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