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Katharina Janus


About Me

Professor of Healthcare Management in Germany and at Columbia University New York

Author, tri-lingual Speaker and Healthcare Manager in Practice

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Founder & Managing Director of the Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University New York / Europe

"What makes managers successful is their dedication to the people involved, their ability to work with and constantly evaluate what they learn and to translate their learnings back into practice."

Katharina Janus

About My Work

I lead a unique network of experts across the globe who pool global best practices to tailor solutions to local markets and organizations, mostly in the healthcare industry.

We think together, act on behalf of your interests, and create solutions for the future.


Healthcare is a repair shop. In medicine and management. The real solutions to complex challenges are creative, while being based on rigorous methods & well-established knowledge.

There is no standard. I strongly oppose off-the shelf and copy-paste solutions. We work as a collegial team of peers and take on only the projects we have personal resources for.

It has to be tailor-made. We cherish the personal contact, your needs, a million changes until it is “just right”. Our approach is very exclusive, but returns are more immediate.


It’s about you. Because healthcare is personal. And your project and organization are in the center of our joint thinking when we develop a new strategy or approach for you.

It’s about me. Because especially as a woman I care beyond myself. I want you and your company to be successful. My motivation is to create something functional and forward-looking for you. I have a broad area of domain expertise and can involve my network of experts as needed. Perfection matters. And the only perfection we can achieve is authenticity.

It’s still the same. Because my great-great-grand aunt founded and ran a hospital in the 19th century – and was dealing with similar issues as we do today: people and politics in economic and social systems. 150 years ago, and still the same issues. I consider this as a legacy to dedicate my efforts to tackle your challenges.


Think, act, create
The only way to approach this is by talking to healthcare professionals, patients, payors, innovators, investors – all stakeholders. This is how my colleagues and I established our network ENJOY STRATEGY and why we claim to be domain experts in many countries around the world.
"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."

Walt Disney


I offer services to large multinational organizations, to regionals who would like to learn from others, and to locals in a specific market or domain.

Market analytics & access

We support the entire package of market access strategy for all healthcare market players:

  • Non-interventional studies and generation of real-world evidence,
  • Perception assessment of products & processes,
  • Value proposition adjustments according to market differences,
  • Value stories backed by compelling evidence that can be tweaked according to country-specific requirements (modular approach).

Business development & connection

We connect key opinion leaders and decision-makers to expand within or beyond market:

  • Value chain optimization through integration of market players,
  • Opinion leader casting and recruitment,
  • Connecting global minds through forums,
  • Advisory board design and leadership,
  • Role change in specific (or own) markets.

Assessing territories & landscaping

Drawing the most realistic pictures of actors in markets is the prerequisite for success:

  • Evaluating stakeholder relationships and incentive schemes,
  • Determining power structures,
  • Facts and figures assessment – deciphering the small data behind the balance sheet,
  • Managing the health (and risks) of entire populations by relating changes in outcomes to provider incentives.

Interactive facilitation & speaking

Sharing domain expertise as a speaker or moderator is essential to learn from each other:

Please see the following map for countries in which we offer our expertise and services:

"Always be able to reinvent yourself. Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Karl Lagerfeld and Steve Jobs


"Courage does not mean the absence of fear. It just means that other things are more important."

Mark Twain


Working with Katharina feels like you are running a well-prepared marathon – you are challenged by her profound knowledge and energetic style of motivation throughout the course and full of joy and inspiration to tackle the next endeavor once you have crossed the goal line. I am looking forward to the next one.

Dr. Axel Nordberg

Zimmer Biomet, Associate Director Services and Solutions EMEA

"Wer ein warum hat, dem ist kein wie zu schwer."

Friedrich Nietzsche


Dr. Janus’ expertise has been covered widely by Bloomberg TV, the German Medical News, the Handelsblatt, the Swiss medical Tribune, the business economist and on several radio stations. Read more about how and why she pursues new directions in healthcare management:

"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not."

Pablo Picasso


Beyond strategy is creativity

After many years of mostly silent artistic activity I have finally shown my work jointly with the photographer Xavier Roy from April 26 – May 9, 2018 at the Lavoir Vasserot in downtown Saint Tropez, France. The exhibition is over, but private viewings continue. All originals are on display on Instagram (katharina_janus) and on this website below. You can order a limited edition in bronze with individual finishing/coloring. If you are interested in a particular piece of artwork please inquire at I am currently creating desired pieces based on client demand.

Thanks to everybody who came and enjoyed my work!

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