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Katharina Janus, the global healthcare domain expert, has set up her base camp in Paris. She is specialized in three areas of expertise: the development of strategies for large multinationals, the organization of professional encounters and conferences, and healthcare market access in many countries. In conversation with Katharina Janus, president of the Center for Healthcare Management.

Do you prefer to be called Ms. Manager or Madame Professor?

Today a successful professor always has to have the qualities of a good manager, but not every manager necessarily has to become a professor. So, I prefer Madame Professor which I believe I became as a result of my creation of new knowledge while always pursuing applied research that has value in practice and for the betterment of people’s care.

Some information about Katharina Janus

Born in Eutin in the North of Germany, Professor Janus is the founder and president of the Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University New York and Paris, France, and the head of ENJOY STRATEGY, a global consulting company. She has more than twenty years of experience in healthcare management in academia and practice as well as a board member at several multinational companies. Professor Janus is in demand as a speaker in the healthcare market, in particular as it relates to the characteristics and developments of international markets in the present and future. She is specialized in evaluation, strategy and implementation in various cultural contexts. Professor Janus is sculptor by passion whenever her busy schedule permits.

What’s the main offering at your Center?

Our offering relies on several principles: creating new knowledge for organizations, thereby influencing performance and results, as well as convening players in our domain according to our slogan “Thinking together to reap results.”

How are your two engagements (the Center for Healthcare Management and ENJOY STRATEGY) related?

I believe that research without application lacks interest in reality whereas a specific implementation without content and sophisticated methodology has no long-term perspective. Research has to evaluate the phenomenon and implementation translates the solution into practice.

How do you link people around your two organizations?

Today we work only with experts because knowledge is people-bound. Our forums and conferences create the context to facilitate the exchange and face-to-face interaction. You have to talk to people. Desktop research is insufficient.

Why have you founded your global research organization?

There exists a lot of research that does not contribute to practice. And in practice there is frequently a lack of reasonable responses to manage a process or to incentivize healthcare professionals in order to provide better care for patients. Therefore, I felt the need to reinvent research and education which we have done through our organizations. It is also for that reason that at our forums we are creating knowledge together instead of presenting already existing knowledge.

Are you a Think-Thank?

When we’re dealing with the effectiveness of healthcare systems and performance improvement we’re working with our network of expert consultants, our “Care-Tank” which combines a “think-tank” with a “do-tank.” We care about research that makes a difference in care provision and that organizations and, in particular, patients benefit from the results.

What kind of services are you offering?

At the Center for Healthcare Management: analyses, roundtable forums and education. At ENJOY STRATEGY: global market access for companies, business development and the creation of relationships with global decision-makers, leadership and moderation of international events (speaker engagements).

What’s the primary vocation of the Center for Healthcare Management?

  1. Thinking together to reap results
  2. Convening the best people in the field to grow knowledge and support the power of knowledge
  3. Supporting organizations with profound analysis and tailor-made solutions in order to enable them to be successful in various markets
  4. Distribute/share the idea and strategy created among employees through tailor-made (executive) education programs

Who are your researchers?

They are not “searchers,” they are “finders.” We’re only working with experts on a very high level.

Why did you name your organization ENJOY STRATEGY?

Strategy consulting has traditionally been perceived as always “standardizing” and a bit boring. To the contrary we appreciate the diversity we encounter and are known for a positive and cheerful atmosphere on the job. We have made the experience that organizational change is more easily implemented if the people involved understand the reason why and if they benefit from the process. The “how” is as important as the “what.”

Who is demanding your services?

We are working with all stakeholders in global healthcare markets as our approach is generic. Every organization needs strategy advice from time to time. And this strategy has to be sophisticated, concrete and applicable in order to be successful. We are also translating our approaches into other industries outside of healthcare.

Do you organize forums? Who is your target group?

Our forums are professional encounters.

Which are your signature events?

Our annual forum – with respect to the international get-together – and our roundtable forums – with respect to intimate and confidential discussions among leaders in the field and the quality of exchanges on a particular topic.

Do you offer educational programs?

We offer tailor-made executive education at our base in Paris (Columbia University Global Center). These educational offerings developed out of our forums and their interactive style is highly appreciated by decision-makers. This innovative seminar format includes case studies and strategy examples from the respective organization for which we design the program. We are also offering classical management tools and out-of-the-boy-box-thinking. The mix of the different elements always depends on the particular engagement. This flexible and evolutionary approach resonates well with global decision-makers. We also provide a certificate after completion of the program.

What is your news?

The fourth quarter of 2018 brought a big change for us: the move of our European base to Paris. The majority of our work was already happening in Central and Southern Europe as well as globally. Our forums have found a home at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. In addition to our international activities, we are adapting our knowledge and international education to the French context and language. We are not expecting that French companies come to New York to benefit from Ivy League education, but we come to their premises with our international team of renowned experts.

What are your ambitions?

A big question. Real innovation – in research and practice – happens when you work hand in hand with people on the shop floor. It’s a real pleasure to work with experts who have a collaborative approach to their work and to create knowledge and solutions jointly.


Next Big Forum
The 8th Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” will take place from September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris, France. Further information at

But also…

We would like to help organizations to access markets with cultural specifics and to find key decision-makers. We are looking for the best solution for our clients – it’s a very personal and individualized process. I oppose “copy-paste.”

Is every challenge your challenge?

Every challenge of a client is our challenge! We take care of all details from the beginning to the end because I have great respect for my clients. We are loyal and ready to do the “extra-mile.” Our services are tailor-made and we give a voice to those people who are fully engaged in our projects in research and consulting.