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[PERSPECTIVE BY @katharinajanus & @HCMatColumbia UPDATE] Cultural sensitivity in market strategy development, 8th Forum agenda news, press & upcoming conferences

Alia iacta est – the die is cast. Europe has voted and we have a result. Landscapes are shifting, old-established values and parties are challenged (again) for the betterment of Europe’s future. And while dices will continue to be shuffled around, the future is here to stay. Who is that future and how are we going to design it responsibly? I ask “who” because it will be a people-driven movement that has already unfolded as we see well-established parties losing importance and those gaining ground that respond to future norms and values such as protecting an environment we can live in healthy & happily. I ask “how” because I experience recently that the face-to-face exchange regains importance in multi-cultural contexts. People talk to each other again.

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Katharina Janus: The global healthcare domain expert

Thanks to Medef Paris for this article and the warm welcome:
You can download the original French version here.

Katharina Janus, the global healthcare domain expert, has set up her base camp in Paris. She is specialized in three areas of expertise: the development of strategies for large multinationals, the organization of professional encounters and conferences, and healthcare market access in many countries. In conversation with Katharina Janus, president of the Center for Healthcare Management.

Do you prefer to be called Ms. Manager or Madame Professor?

Today a successful professor always has to have the qualities of a good manager, but not every manager necessarily has to become a professor. So, I prefer Madame Professor which I believe I became as a result of my creation of new knowledge while always pursuing applied research that has value in practice and for the betterment of people’s care.

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[PERSPECTIVE BY @katharinajanus] On Europe: a thought that needs to become a feeling

As I am preparing to hold a conference in London next week I am getting increasingly sentimental and rational at the same time. Brexit has not even seen its aftermath – we are dealing with the before and ever continuing situation of turmoil in which a bank transfer from France can easily take a week if it is executed at all, and then only in Euro because wiring British Pound has become – it seems – like wiring Renminbi. We’re on the best way back to medieval age and European leaders are happily sailing towards doomsday. When leaders don’t know any more raise your voice: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” said Margaret Mead, a 20th century role-model and character. She was both a student of civilization and an exemplar of it. To a public of millions, she brought the central insight of cultural anthropology: that varying cultural patterns express an underlying human unity.

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The French Hospital Federation (la Fédération Hospitalière de France) launches advisory board to support comprehensive changes in health system organization and management

Kick-off meeting of the new advisory board of the French Hospital Federation @laFHF @HCMatColumbia – excited to be selected as a board member and contribute to big changes in French healthcare!

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Healthy Incentives for a Healthy Economy

Thanks to the Swiss Economic Forum for the invitation to speak at Future Health Basel last week. It was fun to exchange ideas with a lively audience. You can listen to my talk on “Healthy incentives for a healthy economy” (in German) or just enjoy some impressions from the event below.

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11th Days of the Grand South – a conference on medical information in Aix-en-Provence, France

Thanks to Bernard Garrigues and his team at the department of medical information for the invitation to speak at “Les journées du Grand Sud 2018” in Aix-en-Provence. My presentation on “Expériences étrangères du financement au parcours” (financing along the patient pathway – experiences from abroad) is now available for download.

Christmas Greetings

It’s Christmas again – time to reflect and think ahead. We tend to look at the bigger picture, beyond our day-to-day work which has been inspired by wonderful people and projects. But it is the larger context in which we live and operate that concerns us. Looking back at my previous Christmas letters I wished for “living in interesting times” – this certainly became true though maybe a bit too “interesting.” And as daily news come in, the weirdness has almost become the ordinary for many of us.

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New on the Health Affairs Blog: Rethinking Health Care Delivery: What European And United States Health Care Systems Can Learn From One Another

By Katharina Janus and Etienne Minvielle

2017 was an election year in two major European countries: in Germany, Angela Merkel was elected for the third time in September; and in France, Emmanuel Macron took office in May. It is too early to tell whether these elections will lead to significant reforms in health care in these countries.

Unlike the United States, where abolishing Obamacare was a key pillar of the new president’s pre-election platform and a big focus of his first year in office, Germany and France seem to agree that they would, in general, like to keep the systems they have. After all, they perform relatively well in terms of outcomes, life expectancy, and other critical indicators in comparison to resources consumed as a percentage of GDP. President Macron said he stands for “une Europe qui protège”—a Europe that protects its values while addressing everyday challenges and the large-scale disruption of globalization. This protection—in the sense of keeping established frameworks while learning from each other—might describe the French-German axis at its best. Both systems are based on old cultures and established values that permit nearly universal coverage at much lower costs than those of the United States health care systems while achieving equal or better outcomes. What can we learn nevertheless from each other across the pond, taking the newly established European axis as one unit and the evolving United States system as the example from a new world.

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Excited to chair and sponsor the Center for Healthcare Management’s 7th Forum: Strategy in times of change on September 12-14, 2018 in Paris

Now in its 7th year the Center’s Forum brings together global decision-makers in an intimate setting. Previous participants rave about the interactive, content-rich and personal experience:

After Hamburg, Washington DC (in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente), Berlin (sponsored by the Bosch Foundation and further multinationals), and Paris we return to Columbia University’s Global Center to reflect on:

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