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New on the Health Affairs Blog: Rethinking Health Care Delivery: What European And United States Health Care Systems Can Learn From One Another

By Katharina Janus and Etienne Minvielle

2017 was an election year in two major European countries: in Germany, Angela Merkel was elected for the third time in September; and in France, Emmanuel Macron took office in May. It is too early to tell whether these elections will lead to significant reforms in health care in these countries.

Unlike the United States, where abolishing Obamacare was a key pillar of the new president’s pre-election platform and a big focus of his first year in office, Germany and France seem to agree that they would, in general, like to keep the systems they have. After all, they perform relatively well in terms of outcomes, life expectancy, and other critical indicators in comparison to resources consumed as a percentage of GDP. President Macron said he stands for “une Europe qui protège”—a Europe that protects its values while addressing everyday challenges and the large-scale disruption of globalization. This protection—in the sense of keeping established frameworks while learning from each other—might describe the French-German axis at its best. Both systems are based on old cultures and established values that permit nearly universal coverage at much lower costs than those of the United States health care systems while achieving equal or better outcomes. What can we learn nevertheless from each other across the pond, taking the newly established European axis as one unit and the evolving United States system as the example from a new world.

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Excited to chair and sponsor the Center for Healthcare Management’s 7th Forum: Strategy in times of change on September 12-14, 2018 in Paris

Now in its 7th year the Center’s Forum brings together global decision-makers in an intimate setting. Previous participants rave about the interactive, content-rich and personal experience:

After Hamburg, Washington DC (in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente), Berlin (sponsored by the Bosch Foundation and further multinationals), and Paris we return to Columbia University’s Global Center to reflect on:

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Excited to present on leadership at the 2017 EHMA conference in Milan

Are leaders defined by their followership rather than their leadership style in today’s world? While situational leadership styles of telling, selling, participating, and delegating were based on the levels of relationship support and task guidance, social media dynamics add a third dimension to the original matrix that is quickly becoming the major determinant of organizational performance and leadership. Come and discuss with us the character traits and behavioral developments that have emerged on the C-suite level.

Bocconi University, Classroom PEREGO, Via Sarfatti 25, Milan: June 14 at 10.30am

Insights of the Center for Healthcare Management’s 6th Forum now online

We learned a lot at the Center for Healthcare Management’s 6th Forum on market access in Paris. Here are a few things that came up during the discussions:

  • The “value” discussion has many facets – proving added value due to regulatory requirements, creating real-world evidence (RWE) to foster innovation, and targeting a value story at the patient to achieve patient centeredness.
  • In the process of sharpening the value proposition in different countries we have to distinguish between clinical and budgetary value and make this difference transparent as we design a comprehensive product & solution strategy.
  • Modular evidence that can be applied in different countries for reimbursement and strategic partnership discussions can facilitate the rapprochement of providers, payers and the industry.
  • This in turn helps the industry to benefit from providers’ entitlement to reimbursement and grant providers the opportunity to benefit from the industry’s untapped value – non-communicated evidence.
  • Mapping the market and consolidating the evidence requires a tactical approach to put together the larger puzzle of increasingly complex market access strategies for implementation. This will enable a conversion of global strategies.

Currently, the environment is open for innovative and more creative approaches to market access. If you’d like to know more we would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you how we can support you accessing certain markets and taking advantage of these opportunities. Please be in touch and check out the Forum results at

Upcoming talk at the Paris Healthcare Week on May 17, 2017

The Paris Healthcare Week ( is the largest gathering of healthcare stakeholders and decision-makers in France. The French hospital federation is sponsoring a day dedicated to medical information and financing and I have been invited to hold the opening talk about my international experiences on “Système de soins : vers un changement de paradigme” jointly with Étienne Minvielle, Professor at EHESP, Paris, France. Updates on twitter @katharinajanus.

Excited to chair and sponsor the Center for Healthcare Management’s 6th Forum: Worldwide expert meeting on challenges to market access, strategic development and life sciences partnerships

Hosted by the Center for Healthcare Management the 6th Forum will be held April 24/25, 2017 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris, France. The Forum is by invitation only and specifically designed to allow participants to exchange ideas and explore collaborative efforts in a confidential setting. Market access and product bundling are facing reimbursement challenges in all markets with changing payment mechanisms, regulations and the impact of new governments and economics. Attend the 6th Forum to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and EU priorities.

Please see the featured faculty and agenda for further updates & additions.  Read more

My talk in Paris for the senior executives of French hospitals

Last night I followed an invitation by Professor Étienne Minvielle to speak in front of France’s senior hospital executives (“Les hautes dirigeants des hôpitaux de la France” – almost everything sounds much better in French) about my international experiences with designing and implementing incentive systems. The current environment in France is in flux and the thinking circles around adding selective monetary incentives (“Pay-for-Performance – P4P”) like in many countries. But do we get what we pay for if we follow this path and haven’t other countries, such as the US and Germany tried this out as well? Yes, they have. And was it a success. We don’t know. But why don’t we know?

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